I grew up in France and studied art in Belgium  before moving to California.

I have been teaching computer graphics classes since 1999 and I am currently an Adjunct Professor at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio TX, teaching 3d Animation and digital imaging classes. I have a Master’s Degree in Video Games and Interactive Media, from  E.N.J.M.I.N

I am fluent in French and English and I know some (very little) Spanish.

Martine Gaudissart

Martine Gaudissart's "Internal Spaces" on display at Palmetto Center for the Arts in San Antonio TX (2013-14) , now can be seen part of their permanent collection.

Martine finds printing on aluminum to be a perfect medium to represent the special blend between the external modern world that we live in and the internal life of feelings and emotions.

Art Statement

Abstraction through Storytelling:
A lot of my inspiration comes from the visual elements that I fell in love with as a child while reading French Bandes DessinĂ©es, i.e., Graphic Novels or word-by-word: “Drawn Strips”. I loved the square frames, the white paper, the black outlines, the flat and often bold and bright colors, and of course... the thought bubbles. When I draw I let the lines flow out freely from within, it feels like I am writing a story except that it is much easier than being a writer, and it is also very relaxing. Each stroke calls for the next so I feel guided as I go along and I always create the next line or curve with a sense of purpose and certainty. Every new stroke adds a new bit of information to the story. I don't have to actually think of a story, I can just be an Abstract Storyteller.

Working the line:
I do see a calligraphic correlation between my drawings and the science of graphology. In the sense that one’s handwriting reveals their true character traits, my personality traits are to be deciphered by the strokes of my artwork.

I start all my pieces by drawing on a piece of paper. They are sometimes simple but powerful designs that I like to call Artifacts. Some people might mistake my work with Graphiti Art. I think if anything, I would feel more of a connection to the Southern Arizona Indian Art. I do go crazy for the color combination of white and black, clay or copper, turquoise, as pottery sand art or jewlery stone with metal (silver) and the amazing designs..

Blow it up!
It is vital to expose the integrity of the line. For me the integrity of the line is all those seemingly imperfections of the line, caused for example, by the marker’s ink bleeding on the paper or by the irregular supply of ink delivered by the ballpoint pen, or again the uneven amount of pressure revealed while using a pencil. To celebrate these imperfections, I usually start with a small size drawing and choose a larger format print as my final output.

Digitization Temptation:
Using software takes my work to the next level as I can easily bring out the complexity of a third dimension through layerd superimposition. I also enjoy the color research with the Undo and Redo buttons. I have a pretty practical personality and I like to save time and money while getting to the best possible quality. I do not enjoy getting my hands or my clothes dirty with paint or clay or chalk or other medium but I suppose I could be reasonably interested in pastels. For some reason they feel satisfying and still pretty clean to work with.

Establishing a Connection:
Just like most visual artists, my art allows me to express myself without the constraints of spoken or written words. Form and colors are the language, and everyone on the planet has access to this purest type of communication. Through my art I let people know who I am and how I feel... Maybe they feel the same and the connection does brings me happiness..

Coffee Talk


When I was 16, I read a book by T. Lobsang Rampa and it forever changed the way I looked at things.
In the book he had 2 simple line drawings next to each other on the page:
On the right was a drawing of an atom with gravitating electrons.
On the left was the drawing of our solar system with gravitating planets.

The 2 drawings were almost identical.

Martine Gaudissart

It just made me wonder... I would daydream for hours about it; What kind of tiny creatures are living on atoms or electrons, just like we live on our planet... And what kind of humongous being is our solar system a part of? Even though I didn't get any answer, I am sure it stimulated my imagination..

The frontiers between the infinitely small and infinitely large in our realm of existence were merged in my mind forever. As I grew older, the thought persisted: “Are we part of a living, breathing being made from billions of planetary systems? Are we on a particle element like air or water, just floating around aimlessly?”

No, I don't do drugs, but my fascination with the secrets of the Universe might be the reason why my art sometimes ends up "pretty-trippy-out-there".


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